"From the planning stages of choosing vendors and locations that aligned with their ideals and supported who they are, to their actual day. Where they read a part of the manuscript from when gay marriage was legal and shared secret love letters from lesbian couples who weren’t allowed to have their love out loud (way back before gay marriage was legal), it was, seriously, the sweetest thing in the world.

Every detail and decision they made was very intentional. They even opted for a non-gender-conforming outfit change from a stunning white pantsuit to a black one (post-ceremony), with a shirt that read “kiss whoever the fork you want.” In addition, they both did bouquets and floral pocket squares.

They slow danced to a playlist of Taylor Swift lovesongs that Ali had made for Jill while they were first dating and dined over a perfectly crafted charcuterie picnic provided by @theperfectpicnicdenver after their intimate ceremony.

Their day was filled with so much emotion and so much love, and it was an absolute honor to be there to capture and celebrate their unity and the start of their beautiful marriage!"

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